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Crypto Market Round-Up: Another Bitcoin Break Near $4000 or Are The Bulls Rushing the Gate?

Bitcoin is over $3900 globally, though many exchanges still have it trading closer to $3850. Ethereum’s…

Former Citi Exec: Crypto Market Cap Still Smaller Than Samsung, What’s Preventing Institutions?

Hwang Hyeon-cheol has said that the valuation of the crypto market is still smaller than Samsung,…

Germany Explores Blockchain Strategy as Bitcoin Wars Heat Up

Germany is exploring how to deploy blockchain technology as the global bitcoin wars heat up across…

Bitcoin Price Breaks Medium-Term Resistance after Surging 8% in a Day

The Bitcoin market came back on its bullish track during the February 18's trading session. Could…

10 Elite Hedge-Fund Managers Made a Jaw-Dropping $7.7 Billion in 2018

2018 saw the top 10 hedge fund managers earning a jaw dropping $7.8 billion despite the…