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The PlayStation 5 Controller Could Invade Our Privacy in Alarming New Ways

Remember the director in Valve's Left 4 Dead? One of Sony's latest patents means the PlayStation…

Kobe Bryant Would be Appalled by the Greedy Behavior of His “Fans”

Less than a day after Kobe and Gigi Bryant's touching memorial, "fans" took to eBay to…

Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility Has One Depressing Flaw

The Xbox Series X is scoring major points with gamers for its backward compatibility support. But…

Dow Plunge Intensifies as Stock Market Suffers Ugliest Loss Since 2008

The Dow Jones crashed with the S&P 500 on Tuesday as fears of a global pandemic…

It’s About Time the Stock Market Finally Calls Trump’s Coronavirus Bluff

Trump and his lieutenants are desperately trying to stop the stock market crash. But investors are…

Oil Crash Intensifies Following Dire Warning from Energy Watchdog

U.S. oil prices plunged below $50 a barrel on Tuesday after the IEA revised down its…