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Did Prince William & Harry Really ‘Fall Out’ Over Sandringham Summit?

While we'll never know what really happened at the so-called "Sandringham Summit," Prince William & Harry…

Katie Porter Obliterates Price-Gouging CEO – Watch Her Greatest Hits

Katie Porter is an American hero, and her latest lashing of big pharma CEO Mark Alles…

Pokemon Go Is Putting Gamers at Risk by Rolling Back Changes Too Soon

Niantic has announced a rollback on the pandemic Pokemon Go changes, despite it being far too…

Jimmy Butler Is Absolutely Not a ‘LeBron James Stopper’

Some fans are actually starting to believe that Jimmy Butler can stop LeBron James. Here's why…

Is Genshin Impact Too Close to Breath of the Wild?

Genshin Impact has proven very popular, but isn't is just a complete clone of the Legend…

Demon’s Souls DLC Is Beyond Stupid

Demon's Souls is one of the PS5's biggest selling points, but Sony just can't stop themselves…