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Crypto Scammers Target Would-Be Bitcoin SV Miners

In a new take on a long-running scam, crypto fraudsters are targeting would-be Bitcoin SV miners…

Bitcoin Recovery Weakens as Price Drops 4.4%, Dead Cat Bounce?

The gains Bitcoin made during the Friday and weekend trading session fizzled at the beginning of…

Not Even a Ripple: Coinbase News Fails to Rescue XRP from Bearish Trend

It was the announcement that ripple (XRP) investors had been anticipating for more than a year,…

Mastercard Applies For New Patent for Anonymous Blockchain Transactions – A Regulated Bitcoin Tumbler?

Mastercard, the company who have gone through the entire process of laughing, fighting, and then embracing…

Why a Little-Known Crypto Mining Firm is Suing Bitcoin Cash’s Biggest Backers

After reporting on the story that Miami-based UnitedCorp had filed suit against Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Bitmain,…

Canadian City Calgary Launches a Digital Currency to Boost Local Economic Activity

Calgary has become the first Canadian city to launch a digital version of its local currency.…