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    [ANN] Digibyte

    DigiByte is a professional & transparent decentralized cryptocurrency that has been designed to address several of the weaknesses of Bitcoin & Litecoin. As the Bitcoin & Litecoin marketcap grows...


    Ethereum – Coin of the future?

    There is a lot of buzz around this coin. The website http://ethereum.org simple has a countdown and a notification page, but based on information on around the web, there...


    Ultracoin to launch in February

    Ultracoin is a much anticipated coin that is employing the Scrypt-Jane algo for block generation. This is a CPU-friendly algo but it can also be mined with GPU’s. There...


    Vertcoin Live

    This is probably the most exciting alt-coin we’ve seen lately. Rather than just simply clone a github repo and market yet another meme -coin, the Vertcoin team is aiming...

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